SNS 4V2 Series Aluminum Alloy Solenoid Valve Air Control 5 way 12V 24V 110V 240V

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Safety, applicability, lightweight form factor.For remote electric control fluid conduit in the valve opening and closing.Please note that the gas flow direction and the takeover tooth type is correct installation.With solenoid operated for control appropriate flow and direction, provide great performance.Great body for a long lifespan, perfect for electrically driven pneumatic power control.
1.The strength of the aluminum alloy valve body is large. The valve body is made of new aluminum alloy material, which has strong pressure resistance,good corrosion resistance and fast heat dissipation.
2.High quality sealing ring. High quality seals for durability and longer life
3.High precision valve stem. Imported high-quality lubricants to ensure lubrication and reduce friction during exercise
4.High frequency sub-head. Made of high-quality conductor material with 6 times in 1 second high intensity and high frequency response for smoother operation
5.The coil is easy to disassemble. Removable core nut, coil damage can be replaced at any time
6.High quality electronic components. The copper coil can work hard for a long time, and the wiring operation is simple. When the power is on, the LED light is illuminated.

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Model SNS210-064V210-06 SNS220-064V220-06 SNS230C-064V230C-06 SNS230E-06
SNS230P-064V230P-06 SNS210-084V210-08 SNS220-084V220-08 SNS220C-084V230C-08 SNS230E-084V230E-08 SNS230P-084V230P-08
Working medium Air
Action method Internal pilot
Number of places Two five-pass Three positions Two five-pass Three positions
Effective cross-sectional area 14.00mm²(Cv=0.78) 12.00mm²(Cv=0.67) 16.00mm²(Cv=0.89) 12.00mm²(Cv=0.67)
Take over the caliber Intake = outgassing = exhaust =G18 Intake = outgassed =G1/4 exhaust =G1/8
Lubricating Need not
USE pressure 0.15∼0.8MPa
Maximum pressure resistance 1.0MPa
Operating temperature 0∼60℃
Voltage range ±10%
Power consumption AC:5.5VA DC:4.8W
Insulation class Class F
Protection level IP65(DINA40050)
Electrical connection Terminal type
Maximum operating frequency 5 times/second 3 times/second 5 times/second 3 times/second
Shortest excitation time 0.05 second
Main accessories material Ontology Aluminum alloy
Seals NBR

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